Renting helium tank

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You can inflate your own balloons for those special events by renting a helium tank from us. We have small, medium and large helium tanks for rent. We generally rent helium tanks and nozzles out for 2 day period to allow you time to plan and inflate your balloons. Monthly or Yearly rentals are available on Medium, Large and X-Large helium tanks only. There will be extra rental charge if tanks and nozzles are not returned by due date.

Please Refer to the attached Helium chart to find out how many balloons could be filled  from a tank and average floating time of balloons.

Average  (number of hours) flying time if using…

9”            Round balloons                                                 12-16 hours
11”         Round balloons                                                 18-24 hours
Note: Conservative flying times. Actual flying times will vary depending upon temperature, atmospheric conditions and the quality of the balloons
If you require more floating time the inside of balloons can be treated with a special gel (for instance, the polymer solution sold under the “Hi Float” brand) which coats the inside of the balloon to reduce the helium leakage, thus increasing float time to a week or longer.
Download the Qualatex Helium Chart for quick references on latex, chloroprene, Bubbles, and Microfoil balloon capacity, and lift ability.

Information the customer should know before renting a helium tank

  • Number of balloons inflated is determined by the user, we have no control over how big you inflate your balloons or the quality of balloons you are using (breakage is common with inferior quality balloons) – we base our numbers on industry standard for inflating 11” Qualatex/PartyMate balloons.
  • All helium tank rentals require a refundable security deposit.
  • Delivery and pickup charges are extra if needed – these are very heavy helium tanks to move, so caution is needed to insure you do not injury yourself or others.
  • Nozzles are included with short term tank rentals free of charge. $10.00 will be charged for the tank and $10.00 for the nozzle for each week after the due date until they are returned.
  • If a nozzle is lost or damaged the replacement cost will be $60.00 and if the nipple is damaged the cost will be $20.00. Remove nozzle before transporting tanks.
  • We will not refund any money for the unused portion of the gas, so please select the tank accordingly.
  • Customer must pay the full amount when a tank is taken out of the premises whether helium is used or not.
  • Never transport cylinders that are loose in the vehicle. They must be secured and unable to roll or move.
  • The cylinder must be stored in an upright position while in use and must be properly secured to prevent toppling
  • Secure cylinder in a well-ventilated area. Connect balloon inflator until hand-tight. Slowly open the valve to pressurize the system. Never open the valve without the inflator attached.
  • Place balloons neck over the nozzle and press the nozzle down gently. Release when the balloon is inflated to desired size. Remove the balloon from nozzle and tie the end before attaching a string or ribbon.
  • After use, turn the valve off and release any excess gas by tilting the filling kit. This will remove the pressure and allow you to remove the nozzle. Remove the nozzle when cylinder is ready to be transported. Replace the cylinder cap onto the cylinder.
  • We recommend the cylinders be used only by informed adults and that children are not involved in the operating of this instrument.
  • Inhaling helium gas directly from a high pressure tank or from a inflated balloon can cause loss of consciousness or even permanent brain damage.
  • Do not store tanks filled with helium near an open flame or in direct sunlight. Do not store in an area where the temperature may exceed 120 degrees.

The helium (air) inside the balloons will expand if left in a hot area, be careful if you are filling up the balloons inside a cool area and then taking the balloons outside where it is hot. Just underinflate slightly if they will be in direct sunlight as the heat will cause them to expand and pop! Don’t leave balloons in a hot car! (latex balloons are much safer in the heat than mylar balloons due to their ability to expand but latex balloons won’t handle humidity well!)

  • The helium (air) inside the balloons will constrict if left in a cold area. As soon as the air warms up they will expand back to their original size within seconds.